Children under 18

Birth certificate (for Russian citizens under 14)

National ID, national travel passport, or another type of ID

Disabled children (Russian and CIS citizens)

Disability certificate

Orphaned and abandoned children from orphanages and orphan boarding schools (Russian citizens)

Legal status certificate

Students of general education institutions, charity schools, rehabilitation centres, and centres of social help for family and children (Russian citizens)

Legal status certificate

Disabled persons of Group 1 and 2 (Russian and CIS citizens), and persons who use a wheelchair

Disability certificate (for Russian and CIS citizens)

Helpers accompanying a disabled person of Group 1 and 2 or disabled children

No certificate needed; for this type of visitors the ticket only can be issued along with the respective ticket for the disabled person

Heroes of the Soviet Union or the RF, and Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory (Russian and CIS citizens)

Certificate of being awarded the respective title

Enlisted army conscripts (Russian citizens)

Military service card with the entry certifying the current conscription service

Veterans of WWII (Russian and CIS citizens), invalids of war (Russian and CIS citizens), veterans of combat operations (Russian citizens)

Respective certificate

Illegally repressed and then-rehabilitated Russian and CIS citizens

Rehabilitation certificate

Former underage captives of concentration camps, ghettos, and other places of forced imprisonment created by the Nazis or their alliances during WWII

Respective certificate

Staff of the Russian Ministry of Culture and state-run museums of the RF

ID card of an employee of a state-run museum of any level of assignment (federal, municipal, etc.)

ID card of a member of the public council under the RF Ministry of Culture

ID card of RF Ministry of Culture employee

Members of International Council of Museums (ICOM)

ICOM membership card

Members of RF Art Experts Association Russian Academy of Arts RF Union of Artists RF Union of Architects RF Union of Designers RF Union of Art Photographers

Membership card of the respective organization

Students majoring visual arts, architecture, and cinematography of the faculties of Russian higher and secondary-level education establishments

ID card of the respective institution

Members of multi-child families (Russian citizens)

Certificate of a multi-child family, birth certificates of the children, or certificate issued by an agency of social welfare

Guides and interpreter guides of the Nizhny Novgorod Guild of Guides and Interpreter Guides

Guild membership card

Official representatives of media

Russian or International Press Card

Adults accompanying a touring group of school students

2 tickets of this type are issued at the ticket office together with the school students’ group ticket

Participants of the Chernobyl disaster mitigation effort

ID card of a participant of the Chernobyl disaster mitigation effort