1. Starting from 17 July 2020 you can visit our exhibitions buying a ticket from the ticket office or at the website of the Arsenal.
  2. All existing Arsenal discounts continue.
  3. Free Wednesday: yes, we work free of charge for you every Wednesday. However, at the moment we accept visitors in sessions (for example, from 12:00 to 12:30 pm). You can choose the suitable session at our site https://arsenal-museum.art.

And the session time chosen is not a limit to the time you can spend in the Arsenal!

We have set a rule to limit the number of visitors at a time. If the actual number of visitors is below the limit, we will be able to let you in even without your preliminary registration at the site.

  1. You only can enter the Arsenal if you are wearing a mask. If you have no mask, you can buy it from the ticket office of our museum. We also recommend wearing gloves.
  2. We will ask you to keep distance from other visitors of 1.5. m. At the entrance to our museum you will see information posters with detailed information on the subject.
  3. We have taken care to make the navigation through the Arsenal safe and comfortable and put out special marks and signs.
  4. For visitors with special needs and their helpers, and for visitors with babies we have made a special entrance through the ramp at the right wing. You can inform us on your planned visit to the Arsenal by the phone or through the feedback feature on our site, so that we could meet you. Please press the button at the porch, and our staff will open the ramp for you. If you are a person with special needs, their helper, or visitor with a baby, you may enter ahead of the queue.
  5. When you are carrying a reduced-price ticket to an event, you will be asked to show a document confirming your right to the discount. If you cannot produce such a document, your reduced-price ticket becomes invalid.
  6. Please use the special waste bins for disposal of one-use masks and gloves. The bins are located next to the exit.

Please note that the rules of conduct in the Arsenal may change due to introduction of new regional or federal policies as regard the rules of conduct in museums.

We will be glad to give you additional information if you call +7 (831) 422-45-54.