Unlimited entries to the exhibitions, monthly curators’ guided tours, private viewings, 10% discount in the Arsenal’s shop and cafe, educational events in the form of lectures and open discussions.


We take care of our friends and would like to fill their life with the brightest, most extraordinary events related to art. We need to discuss with our friends the questions which are topical for them, and share with them what we know. We value our friends’ support they give us by taking part in the life of the museum.

Your contribution to the loyalty programme The Arsenal’s Friends helps our projects grow and facilitates the popularization of art in Nizhny Novgorod. We are grateful to you friends!

Club the arsenal’s friends


We think that our mission is to promote art in Nizhny Novgorod and to create the environment of dialogue between the wide public and the world of modern art.

The Arsenal’s Friends Club is a project enhancing the cultural community of town. We hold educational events, make presentations of our curators, and organize open panels for the Club members.

Members of the Club are beginner patrons, whose contribution helps us bring new exhibitions to town, organize special events, and materialize new formats within the museum and urban environment.

Club the arsenal’s friends


What are we striving for, and what do we expect our project to be? One of our beacons is to become the largest cultural community of Nizhny Novgorod. This aim falls within the context of the Arsenal’s Mission as a whole which we formulate like this: “The Arsenal is a space of artistic interaction targeted at the development of human and territory”.


Inclusivity and Equality

It is important for us that everyone independent of their sex, age, ethnicity, or health condition could initiate their conversation with art.

Freedom and Security

Within our Club community everyone may freely and securely voice their opinion to be heard and understood.


We issue electronic Club cards to cut the plastic production.

Affordable and Innovative Education

We hold educational events both online and offline making use of innovative methods of teaching and interactive formats of exchange with the attendees.

Cultural Development of Nizhny Novgorod

Our love for our town and our striving to add to diversity of cultural events are our source of inspiration to create new educational formats and initiate new art-related projects.

Co-creation and Materialization of What We Contrive

We believe that when together we can materialize any dream and create unique projects wherein each will be able to unlock their creative potential.



Club the arsenal’s friends


This card will be appropriate to those who enjoy navigating a museum keeping to themselves. 


1500 RUB / year

Club the arsenal’s friends


This card will be appropriate to those who would like to share the visit with their close ones, as well as to those who are especially interested in our educational events.

3 000 RUB / year

Club the arsenal’s friends


This card will be appropriate to those who are curious to participate in all the events of the Arsenal’s program and take their friends and family members with them.

6 000 RUB / year