1. The Volga-and-Vyatka Branch of the A. S. Pushkin State Museum of Visual Arts (hereafter referred to as the Branch) in the building of the Arsenal (603082, Nizhny Novgorod, Kremlin, Building 6) is open for visitors daily from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm excepting holidays, cleaning days, and days reserved for special events.


  1. Visitors are admitted to the public spaces of the Arsenal where exhibitions, concerts, lectures, and other events are held during the Branch’s specified working days and hours. The admission to the ticket office and exhibition halls is open till 7:15 pm. We recommend arriving latest one hour prior to the closing.


  1. The Branch admits both individual visitors and touring groups; the latter are advised to notify of their arrival in advance to be serviced by a guide. If available, a guide can service a group arriving without prior notice. If agreed with the Culture and Education Department, Exhibition Department, or the Administration of the Branch, a touring group can employ their own guide outside the Branch.


  1. Visitors of the Branch must purchase the entry tickets to be shown for inspection on entry. Prices for the tickets are to be set by the Administration of the Branch. Depending on how the visitor can be classed, the ticket is purchased at the full or reduced price or granted free of charge. Every week on Wednesdays and on special occasions (as ordered and announced by the Administration of the Branch) all visitors can attend the exhibitions free fo charge.


  1. The visitors of the Branch when in the building of the Arsenal or in its vicinity may not:
  • smoke;
  • be present when intoxicated, or wearing dirty bad-smelling clothes;
  • have on them firearms, bladed weapons, or any other life or health-threatening belongings;
  • use sound-reproduction equipment or set off fireworks;
  • put out or distribute printed materials;
  • do picketing, hold advertising campaigns, shout in protest, run political demonstrations, or be engaged in any other public-oriented activities which have not been approved by the Administration of the Branch;
  • cry out or recite texts or slogans including loud expressions of their opinions concerning the exhibition or any other event, demonstratively and catching the attention of other visitors, or behave in a conspicuous manner with the purpose of disturbing the public peace and causing inconvenience of other visitors of an exhibition;
  • start a fire or use any fire-hazardous equipment;
  • move, dislocate, or in any other way affect mechanically the exposition objects (including throwing, upsetting, pouring paint, and the like).


  1. We earnestly ask the visitors of the Arsenal not to:
  • leave litter;
  • enter the Branch with large and dangerous for humans animals excepting the cases when they are specifically invited or accompany blind visitors or those with impaired eyesight;
  • make loud noises or speak loudly;
  • use sound-reproducing devices with their speakers on;
  • speak on mobile phones in the exhibition halls;
  • touch the exhibition objects or showcases, cross the line of guard ropes or restrictive floor markings, or trespass the staff-only rooms;
  • approach the exhibition objects closer than 35–40 cm (with the exception of interactive objects);
  • leave children under 14 unattended (please inform your children on the rules of conduct and the meaning of restrictions);
  • distract the staff from their duties;
  • consume food and beverages bought outside the premises;
  • feed babies or change their diapers in the exhibition halls or other public spaces (please use the dedicated room at level -1 of in the right wing of the Arsenal).


  1. The visitors shall leave their outdoor garments, umbrellas, outsize belongings (briefcases, bags, handbags, rucksacks, push scooters, skateboards etc.), food and drinks in the wardrobe or in the individual store cells.


  1. Bikes, scooters and other similar means of transportation should be left outside the building of the Arsenal.


  1. Visitors are allowed to make amateur non-commercial photos and videos in the exhibition halls (with no tripods or flashes), but only of the general layout and not of the specific exhibition objects.
  • Making professional photos or videos (with the use of specialist devices and equipment) should be approved beforehand by the Administration of the Branch in accordance with the rules specified by the Administration. No amateur wedding or costume shooting is allowed on the premises of the Branch.
  • Making any kind of photos or videos might be altogether prohibited for specific events or for specific exhibits due to the imposed conditions of the presentation of the exhibits.


  1. For visiting groups of children the following rules of monitoring shall apply: for children under 10 years of age 1 monitor per 5 children; for children above 10 1 monitor per 10 children.


  1. We earnestly ask all visitors of the Arsenal:
  • follow these Rules and stick to the general hygienic, epidemiological, and ecological norms;
  • follow the requirements of the Branch’s staff as concerns keeping social peace;
  • leave the Arsenal by the closing time.


  1. Visitors who break the order as stipulated by these Rules can be expelled from the Arsenal by security officers and prosecuted according to the effective law of the Russian Federation.