A unique offer of getting acquainted with today’s life of the city, and communication with those who make contemporary art here and now. We all love our city and invite you to have a look at today’s Nizhny Novgorod through the eyes of artists and contemporary art experts.

Format For Friends

This is a top-requested meeting the challenges of the time format of customized guided tours. A tour is made in a cozy small group of 5 to 7 people and includes the mini-events at the choice of the tourists themselves based on their personal demand.

A live conversation about art and architecture of the city

Nizhny Novgorod is a Russian city with an over-a-million population located in the central part of European Russia at the confluence of the rivers Volga and Oka, and is easy to get to. All locations of the tour programme are in town, and at approximately the same distance from the railway station, airport and river port. Our guests are offered transfer service. Since there is a federal highway going through the city, it will be easy to travel in your own car.

Nizhny Novgorod weekend. Art tours to the city counting 800 years of history

The tour programme is in two parts

Part 1. Museum inside: life of the city inside the museum

Nizhny Novgorod weekend. Art tours to the city counting 800 years of history

The Arsenal: Space and Meanings

A must-see for the guests. A guided tour through the Arsenal and it exhibition spaces; a story about one of the most iconic museums of contemporary art in Russia, the history of the building and its renovation telling how a munitions storehouse became the State Centre of Contemporary Art in Nizhny Novgorod. An overview of the exhibitions taking place at the time of the tour, and a conversation with the guests about history of contemporary art, work of artists and curators, global and local contexts, and significance of the ‘viewer’s’ opinion in this conversation perceived as equal, equally weighted and of equal rights.

Part 2. Museum outside: a museum of contemporary art in the streets of the city

Part two offers 7 themes of which the visitor can choose what they like. We decided to abandon the habitual way of telling a detailed history of the place and instead concentrate on what gives the city its shape here and now. Artists, architects, and communities of residential areas may reveal Nizhny Novgorod as a city of bold ideas and solutions.


Nizhny Novgorod weekend. Art tours to the city counting 800 years of history

Theme 1. When was it when Nizhny Novgorod was indeed a new town? (the name “Novgorod” literally means “a new town”)

This is for the first-time visitors of Nizhny Novgorod. A large overview tour of the most important events in the history of the city. We will focus on the periods when Nizhny Novgorod was in the vanguard of the historical process.


Nizhny Novgorod weekend. Art tours to the city counting 800 years of history

Theme 2. Art in the streets of Nizhny Novgorod

A conversation about the unique phenomenon of Russia’s artistic life. It is the city itself with its extraordinary complex composition, maze-like layout, and diversity of cultural layers became an integral part of making art. The route of the tour includes old backstreets, quiet yards, and lively avenues.

Nizhny Novgorod weekend. Art tours to the city counting 800 years of history

Theme 3. A visit to an artist’s studio

Tikhaya (‘a quiet one’) is an artist’s studio where six artists living and working in Nizhny Novgorod gather under one roof. Most of them are directly connected with the street art of Nizhny Novgorod, collaborate with galleries of Nizhny Novgorod and other cities, and take part in exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Nizhny Novgorod weekend. Art tours to the city counting 800 years of history

Theme 4. The Garden Named After

This will take you to the project by artists Artiom Filatov and Alexei Korsi created in the inner yard of the private crematorium. The space of the yard was turned into an open to public memorial complex: the artists designed the garden, planted more than 120 species of plants, shrubs, and trees, and completed it with a sound installation. This is the first and only art project made for a crematorium as a secluded spot for contemplating death in lighter tones. The project was the laureate of the All-Russia Award for Contemporary Art Innovation 2020.


Nizhny Novgorod weekend. Art tours to the city counting 800 years of history

Theme 5: Socialist City, a dystopian city, and a garden city

This is a conversation about the Avant-garde period which was an interesting and controversial time, and about an architectural ensemble of the 1930s which has global importance. How was the Socialist City, planned as the housing community for the workers of the Gorky Automobile Plant, built? How did people live in this ‘city of the future’ before the War and after it, and how do they live there now? What was built by the Americans and what by the German Avant-garde architects? How did two types of cultures get mixed, country and urban, avant-garde and totalitarian? And how can one see it now in the city’s image? 

Theme 6: Gorky: Modernism

The 1960s for the city of Gorky were the time of vigorous construction. New housing architecture defined the new image of the city: typical designs were integrated into the knotty terrain of hills and ravines, while unique designs were developed for the key urban objects, central streets, squares, and embankments. The guests will have an opportunity to review habitual architecture as an object of art, and evaluate the architects’ concepts and scope of their works.


Theme 7: A conversation about contemporary art at supper

This will be a talk with artists and/or curators, with those who create art here and now.

We can change the schedule depending on the preferences of the group: we won’t hasten anybody if you want to make a pause.

The cost of the tour will be calculated individually for each group as it can includes options like transfer services, booking a hotel or tables at restaurants for the time of the tour, supper with curators, artists, or experts, adaptation of the programme for someone’s children of certain age, etc.

Write or call us, and we’ll discuss it and draw your personal offer to send you!

We are sure that by the end of the tour each guest will have found new friends and like-minded companions among artists, guides, and art experts.

To book a tour please call +7 (831) 422-45-54, ext. 118, +7 (920) 255 2938, or send an email to alina.che@ncca.pushkinmuseum.art (Alina Che) latest seven days prior to the planned date of the tour.