The history of the Arsenal’s volunteers dates back to 1997 – since that particular year people has been coming here on a voluntary basis to support cultural initiatives of the city and fulfill themselves in the museum sphere. For many of them it is the first and critical step on their way to professional work in the museum. Some of those, who came to volunteer, were later employed by the Arsenal and are still working here.

Our volunteers are not art experts, but people of a wide range of occupations, who want to visit the museum more often and mix business with pleasure.

Volunteers sign a gratuitous service agreement.

After 16 hours of work volunteers are granted a personalized electronic card giving them the right to visit the museum free of charge and without waiting in a queue during the year.

The majority of tasks offered by the museum to volunteers involve physical presence of a volunteer in the museum, however some of them, related to information retrieval and processing can also be performed remotely.

The tasks performed by the museum volunteers usually do not require art history knowledge, the most urgent of them at the moment are:

  • Consulting visitors
  • Helping museum personnel in organizing and conducting events (Night of Museums, Vasari Fest)
  • Helping museum attendants in the museum spaces
  • Data handling
  • Participating in research work
  • Helping with text translations
  • Photo and video shooting


Yulia Kalsina

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