The Arsenal of Art

This is a series of podcasts about the 20th and 21st centuries art. You will learn about the most pivotal moments of the art’s recent history. Why does today’s art look like this? How did the notion of art change through time? Finally, why do we need art at all?

You’ll be listening to an exciting audio series of many seasons featuring stunning characters, unexpected story twists, and exquisite music. Get to know at least one series, and you’re guaranteed to get involved!

The programme The Arsenal of Art was streamed by the Nizhny Novgorod radio station Rendezvous and is a very advanced project: now the programme is available as podcasts on the Arsenal’s site.

Each season of the series is dedicated to an individual artistic movement and its heroes.

The Arsenal of Art

Alexei Starkov

Host of the programme, artist, culture historian, contributor of the Cultural and Educational Department of the Arsenal