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Everyone can try making a review and learn how to look at the art with care. “What do I see?”, that’s an important question. This is the point from where you can begin your interpretation. Also, your descriptions will help visually challenged visitors of the Arsenal to see the museum through eyes of different people.

Participation conditions are simple:

- Make a photo of any object in the Arsenal

- Upload it to the social media VKontakte together with your description and the hashtag #seeintheArsenal

Five most active participants will win free tickets to the museum and some secret prizes!

How to make a description in four easy steps?


Look at the image. What is it you see?


Describe what you see in 1 or 3 sentences

Imagine you are describing the image to an unknown person, or your best friend, or a kid. You’re doing it carefully, in a simple way, and lovingly. What is the most important here? What details are the most important ones? If details are abundant, go from more general to more particular. Try not to use rare words or terms, and if it seems necessary, explain in a short phrase what they mean. If you can’t pick up the right word to describe the shape, the silhouette, or the texture, use comparisons: “This looks like…” or “This may resemble…”. Don’t be afraid of repeating yourself, or naming the colours, or comparing visual things to touch sensations. Don’t be afraid of being wrong: what you’re doing is great!


Read your description out loud

What’s hard to pronounce or make you stumble had better be made simpler or altogether re-written.


Put your description on the social media together with the image

Don’t forget about the hashtag #seeintheArsenal

We’ll announce the winners on November 30


see in the Arsenal

Example 1. Description

A neon sign of bright blue electric colour is on the wall in half-light. The sign reads as two words put one under the other: Destruction Rejuvenates.

see in the Arsenal

Example 2. Description

A clay sand-coloured sculpture in a glass showcase at the exhibition in the Arsenal. A man is sitting in a relaxed position, his hands on the knees, legs stretched out and crossed. You can’t see his face, and his clothes has a pattern of tiny black flowers.

see in the Arsenal

Example 3. Description

At an exhibition in the Arsenal two girls are studying a map of the Gorky region. One is holding a magnifying glass and is leaning closer to the map. The other one wearing a red beret and a patterned silk scarf is standing straight.