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March 18 – June 12, 2022


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The exhibition of photographs by Sarah Moon “Elsewhere Is What Happens” is presented by the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (MAMM).

Curator: Anna Zaitseva

The exhibition “Elsewhere Is What Happens” is dedicated to the impressions of remarkable photographer Sarah Moon on traveling in Russia. The exposition features scenes from the life of the Durova’s Circus, the Bolshoi Theater, photographs of city and roadside landscapes, portraits of people and animals met by the artist on her way. Images infused with special aesthetics, created in a unique, original technique offer the opportunity to see the art method of a famous photographer.

Sarah Moon shot a lot in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Russian regions. A significant part of her Russian photographs was handed over to MAMM collection. These works are also included in the exposition.

Sarah Moon says that films made her into a photographer: “If you dig deep enough, for me it was Sergei Eisenstein that revealed the power of the image and visual pictures. His films, the work of a real master, were a great inspiration long before I discovered photography.”

According to experts, Sarah Moon’s works are visual poetry. “No landmark on that new land where I am adventuring somewhere beyond my daily life, beyond my boundaries. Walking up and down or sideways – out of balance – in a strange kind of excitement, mingled with anxiety – lost, yet present – grabbed by what I see. Strange drunkenness in this endless search between truth and fake – or let’s say Real and Imaginary – I go on trapped by the hour which changes the light – until it happens – just a second – this one which allows me to go through the looking glass – and then – only then, I can feel I am inside the world making it mine. A photograph” (Sarah Moon).