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17 July — 9 August 2020


Oratorium SARXSOMA is a new project by the art group Provmyza (Galina Myznikova and Sergei Provorov) which was created in cooperation with composer Darya Zvezdina with the support from Dmitry Volkov, Chairperson of the Guardian Council of the Volga Culture Capital foundation, SDV ART&SCIENCE FOUNDATION and Charitable Foundation of Mikhail Prokhorov. The project was realized in two formats, as a theatrical performance held inside a specially made large-scale installation, and as a video which will be screened in the Arsenal exhibition halls. The opening night with its online broadcasting of the video performance Oratorium SARXSOMA by the Provmyza art group will be July 17 at 5 pm on the Arsenal’s birthday within the project A hundred ways to live through a minute by the Pushkin-21 movement.

Over years interdisciplinary is the keyword of the Provmyza art group’s artistic activities. In the Oratorium SARXSOMA artists have combined a number of types and genres of art: theatre, performance, installation, video art, and circus.

The subject of the Oratorium SARXSOMA is loss and deprivation, and different modes of the feeling and experiencing of heartbreaking events. The artists are striving to find a special definition of spectacular and looking for new opportunities to participate in the show leaving the habitual boundaries of the opposition of the active/passive outlook and internal perception. The visual part of the project is reminiscent of the art from the Middle Ages, Baroque, and early Modernist era while modern technologies help multiply the visual devices from these periods.

The sound foundation of the performance and video is the Oratorio for Two Voices (soprano and bass) written specifically for the project by composer Darya Zvezdina. The lyrics of the oratorio is written in Mediaeval Latin, but the score is very far from the classical or traditional oratorio. The singers of this contemporary music piece were chosen from the company of the voice theatre La Gol, Aliona Verin-Galitskaya and Daniel Shaposhnik.

About The Creators and Participants

Artists Galina Myznikova and Sergei Provorov (art group Provmyza) work in diverse spheres of contemporary art, such as video art, experimental cinema, photography, installation, and theatre. In their art they they tend to erase the boundaries between artistic genres. Art by Provmyza has been shown in many prestigious exhibitions at home and abroad including Russia’s pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale (2005) and within the programme Orizzonti of the Venice International Film Festival (2010). Among prizes and awards won by the art group’s projects are the national contemporary art award Innovation, the Sergei Kuriokhin Prize, and the Tiger Award of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Their works are found in the collections of Russian and world museums, such as the A. S. Pushkin State Visual Arts Museum (Moscow) and Centre Pompidou (Paris), and in private collections.

Darya Zvezdina is a composer and improviser who won all-Russia and international competitions. Her compositions are performed by diverse ensembles and soloists in Russia and abroad including the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, the Studio for New Music, Mimitabu ensemble, cellist Anton Lukashevich, the Wandelweiser Group, etc. Since 2014 she has been an active contributor to the improvisation events in Moscow. In 2019 she and Andrey Guryanov formed the duet logs.

La Gol Voice Theatre (art director Natalia Pshenichnikova) is a community of like-minded people sharing mutual interest towards the studies of capabilities of the human voice and the work with voice practices in the era of Postopera. The theatre is all for cooperation with young composers presupposing both performing their pieces and helping them create new ones.

Dreamlaser is one of the world leaders in the sphere of innovative multimedia technologies which has been providing engineering and creative solutions for Russian and international events for more than 15 years. They were among the organizers of the festival of audio-visual art Intervals.

Video Performance ОRATORIUM SARXSOMA by Provmyza Art Group