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23 August 2020 — 17 January 2021

The exhibitions of four laureates of the Innovation Award have been extended to be open through January 31. Level 2 of the Arsenal will be closed for renovation through February 3.

Opening of the exhibition programme Innovation 2020 on 23 August 2020 will be on the same day as the award ceremony for the prize of the same name. The exhibition programme is taking up the entire 2,000 m² of the Arsenal’s exposition area and includes eight personal exhibitions of the artist nominees for the awards The Artist of the Year and New Generation.

Innovation is a national award in contemporary art which has served as an annual encouragement of artists and exhibition and interdisciplinary projects initiators since 2005. In 2019 Innovation moved from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod where it is held by the team of the Volga-and-Vyatka Branch of the A. S. Pushkin SMVA (the Arsenal) in cooperation with the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Government.

  • Fountain of Everything by Ivan Gorshkov is a large-scale installation wherein the author’s sculptures and objects are intricately mixed with everyday objects and toys turning multicoloured images of routine into a monumental composition (6+);
  • Disc (D:) by Danini is a ‘total installation’ (presupposing total immersion of the viewer) dedicated to the 1990s uniting the aesthetics of typical housing blocks’ entry halls with interfaces of Windows 95 and Windows 98 (6+);
  • Feel like you’re a bird by Vladimir Kozin is a number of selected pieces by the artist from the collection of the contemporary art museum PERMM based in the city of Perm (6+);
  • Yekaterina Muromtseva presents art pieces created by her together with the residents and staff of the retirement home, and shows the photos and videos covering their joint work on art (6+);
  • Interface of Occurrence by Dmitry Morozov are three installations and the coverage of the projects by one of the leading science artist of Russia created at the interface between science and sound and visual art (6+);
  • Industrial Zone by Pavel Otdel’nov is a large-scale project comprising paintings, films, texts, and readymades created to tell the story of town Dzerzhinsk as seen with the eye of the artist and his family and friends (6+);
  • When flowers cast no shadow by Anastasia Potiomkina is a collection of graphic art, objects, and videos forming a unified installation to tell the story of relationship between human and nature (16+);
  • ApSp-2 – Apes’ Spoil by Ivan Chemakin is a total installation presenting the artist’s childhood memories from the 1990s (6+).