On June 1, the International Children’s Day, the Arsenal is inviting its younger visitors and their parents to take part in an arts festival. We will learn how contemporary stars started on their journey in the world of art, have a private viewing of a virtual exhibition, read, and create.

Children’s Day in the Arsenal

Reading of the tale Avabuka and the Green Man
Start at 6:00 pm

To conclude the Arsenal’s Children’s Day, Katia Magus’kina will be reading her new tale Avabuka and the Green Man on air. This tale which brings us back to our childhood memories is about clown Avabuka, wacky but kind. Avabuka himself might join the programme, and the viewers while listening to the tale will have an opportunity to look at the illustrations created by artist Alexei Starkov.

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Virtual exhibition Arsenal + Family: the online version

For six weeks the participants of the workshops Arsenal + Family studied the art of contemporary artists online, and made their own art out of materials that happened to be at their homes. Now we know that even if a museum is closed for visiting, that shouldn’t be a problem for creativity and communication for people who are partial to art.

The result of our experiment was the virtual exhibition where you’ll find allusions to all kinds of artists, from the Avant-garde classic Marc Chagall to the first American Modernist Georgia O’Keeffe, and from extraordinary Surrealist Salvador Dali to the Pop-art star Keith Haring. 

A Game Sketching Genius

Any child is an artist who is free from conventionality of the environment and acts according to one’s own intuition and fantasy. And any artist walks their own path; someone would hide their talents from the crowd and have a long way to go to their unique style, while someone else would have care and attention and love from childhood to adulthood and enjoy all the time the admiration of the viewers. But neither path is easy! We have prepared for you an exciting memory game, our the Children’s Day’s special, for you to learn first child and adolescence-time artworks of stars-to-be of contemporary art. Play and stay inspired!